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This is one of my favorite stories:

The client called and asked if I could locate an old college girlfriend. I invited him in for a sit-down.

He told me that he had lived with the lady while he was in college during the late 70's  but that they had separated after graduation.  Some years later he learned that the lady had borne a child.  He suspected that he was the father of that child,

All I had to go on was the name of the lady's sister who apparently had never married.  Thank goodness she was not a "Jones" or "Smith."

I made a few calls and found a person whose sister had attended Rutgers University in the late 70's.  Through the sister, I located the long lost girlfriend living in a small town in California.  

My client was very wealthy and anticipating a "celestial discharge" from earthly life.  He wanted to leave in peace. This story has a very happy ending. 

Phil Stoddard