North Star Associates, LLC

Peace of Mind for Business Professionals 

Who We Are

North Star Associates, LLC is a full service licensed private investigative agency.


First of all, we are investigators.  This means that we deal with facts - not opinion.  For example, few persons, no matter how well educated or experienced in life can be expected to effectively negotiate with an adversary who has hired a lawyer.  Nor can a professional be expected to effectively negotiate with a bureaucratic state or local regulator hell-bent on running up a score or worse. We excel at investigating charges of misconduct by regulators..

Second, we are advocates and negotiators.  Once armed with the facts we help both sides in a dispute decide whether or not settlement is feasible.  Only when one side of the dispute digs in its heels do we recommend lawyering:  when necessary, lawyers respect our deep understanding of evidence law and civil/administrative procedure.  

Whether your interest in our services lies in protecting a license or responding to arbitrary action by regulators, we are prepared to help with your concerns.

Phil Stoddard