North Star Associates, LLC

Peace of Mind for Business Professionals 

Who We Are

North Star Associates, LLC is a full service licensed private investigative agency.


First of all, we are investigators.  This means that we deal with facts - not opinion.  For example, few persons, no matter how well educated or experienced in life can be expected to effectively negotiate with an adversary who has hired a lawyer.  Nor can a professional be expected to effectively negotiate with a bureaucratic state or local regulator hell-bent on running up a score or worse. The same can be said of Public Utilities who have overcharged their customers.

Second, we are advocates and negotiators.  Once armed with the facts we help both sides in a dispute decide whether or not settlement is feasible.  Only when one side of the dispute digs in its heels do we roll out the weapons:  a deep understanding of evidence law and civil/administrative procedure.  

Whether your interest in our services lies in protecting a license or in recovering overcharges by utility monopolies, we are prepared to help with your concerns.

Phil Stoddard